Karina Kelle

A contemporary calligraphy artist with a passion for experimenting and showing letters from a whole new perspective.

Contemporary calligraphy that incorporates various themes with a modern twist. Inspired by history, fashion, graffiti and abstract art. Mixing techniques and creating a whole new world in a one artwork.

Materials: various paper types, cardboards, ink, brushes, calligraphy tools, paints, markers, pencils, glue.

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My story

I have always been in interested and inspired in letters and geometric shapes. I have created my own alphabets and wrote my diaries using these letters. This was fun and interesting thing to do.

But the first time I got to know letters and how they are created, was when I studied in Riga Design and Art school. There I was introduced the technical drawing and also basics of letter creation. All done in old school style with ink, a ruling pen and a ruler. There was no place for mistakes. I was so into this process but didn’t know where to learn it further so this interest just stayed in my mind.

I returned to letters when I started studying in Art academy of Latvia. My final Art Bachelor involved creating letters with a natural dye – milk.

But the real turning point was when surfing through internet and found these cool looking bouncy letters. It was 2015. So I just grabbed markers that I had and started learning on my own.

Later on I took various online courses from calligraphers as Denis Brown, Yves Leterme and practices hours and hours on my own.

My journey started with modern calligraphy letters and evolved to experimental contemporary artworks with letters and shapes.

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